Online Combat Martial Arts Training

What is COMA?

COMA (Combat Martial Arts) is a Russian self-defense system that has its roots in Judo, which has its roots in Jiu-Jitsu. It has combines many different techniques including grabs, throws, wrestling, punching, striking, working with weapons, and fighting multiple opponents.

Shocking Moves

Learn shocking moves that don't require a lot of repetition to remember.

Overcome Stronger Opponents

Understand how to use your own body by using only 25-30% of your power

Have The Advantage

Perfect for anyone who feels they need an advantage when confronted with a larger attacker


With Comafight online training, you get all of the same benefits that you would get out of in person training plus a lot more!

  • Train anywhere
  • Go at your own pace
  • Get full access to videos & other resources
  • Personal dashboard to manage your training
  • Optional in person or video call meetings

Get Started Something Here!

Choose your plan & train at your convenience!


How It Works



Meet with Max in person or video conference so he can evaluate you and provide the most effective & customized training plan.


From your member dashboard you will receive your training plans, upload progress videos to Max and receive weekly tips for improvement and advance through the program.


Schedule free one on one monthly in person or video call meetings to perfect your technique.

Accommodating, driven, patient, and overall great instructor who helped me learn basic techniques to defend myself. Definitely worth your $ and time. He teaches you to be prepared for the expected and unexpected. Thanks so much Max!

Megan L.

Fantastic instructor, continuing to work with him. Clear, concise, practical, and hugely knowledgeable. Grateful to have found him!

Logan A.

I'm learning a great deal from working with Max. He has a gift of helping anyone become better at self defense. I will be working with Max for a very longtime.

Canaan M.

Max is just awesome! We are very thankful that he's training my daughter in self defense.

Christy P.

Max led a self defense training for a company women's group. Everyone left feeling empowered and stronger and more confident in themselves. Max was knowledgeable, great at explaining all the moves, and great with questions.

Jessica A.